5 Problems We Solve For Golfers(and for your golf course)

  • 1. Golfers Need A Better Scoring Experience

    Gone are the days when it's enough for us to simply write down our score per hole. Today's golfer wants to track more of their playing stats to improve how they play, but can't track them on the traditional paper scorecard. Beyond that, we often have a side game going with a buddy or the group. There is no easy to way to track these games easily, especially whenever you need to factor handicap into the equation. The worst scenario is when we don't complete the scorecard and then forget it in the golf cart so that we can't access and save the information later to settle bets or track handicap.

  • 2. Ordering Food and Drinks Is Frustrating

    It seems like whenever you want a quick drink and/or snack on the course, you can never find the beverage cart OR if one is even actively moving around the golf course. When you do actually see them, the experience is rushed and you end up choosing the first thing you can think of to buy versus finding another option you may prefer. When it comes to ordering food at the "turn", you don't have an easy way to order food ahead or time or knowing all of the currently available options... so you end up trying to rush and choosing up the first thing you feel like will be quickest to not hold up the group playing behind you. Even worse.. ordering something that DOES hold up the next group!

  • 3. Getting Help On The Course Is Difficult

    After teeing off on the first hole, we spend the next 4-5 hours on the golf course without immediate assistance when needed. There are a number of scenarios, such as a cart battery dying, where we need help quickly so that we don't slow down the group behind us. Learning who to call and get help is time consuming and not obvious. Speaking of slow play, it happens often and the only real hope is that a ranger happens to be on the course, see the issue before there is a long back-up AND decide to take action with the offending group. Fixing the problem early is key.

  • 4. Golfers Can't Find Or Take Quick Action On Offers

    Your course needs to present offers for services such as lessons, products like golf equipment discounts and events like a summer membership. Unless you already have email addresses that are actively checked, you need to reach golfers when they are on the property. It feels so desperate that these offers are often placed near the entrance or even above the urinal in a bathroom. The problem, however, is EVEN if a golfer sees the offer, how do they save information to take action later?

  • 5. Real-time Information Can't Be Relayed Easily

    Course conditions are constantly changing. Whether it's information such as daily pin positions, holes that are closed for standing water, maintenance issues throughout the course, bathroom access codes, lightning present in the area, or a number of other updated items, there is no efficient and easy way to allow golfers to access this information. You either have to print out information and clutter your golf cart, or hope that a golfer not only hears all this information, but remembers it in the minutes they are in front of a starter or person checking them in.

Golfabl vs. Built-In Displays

Until now, the best and possibly the only way to connect with your golfers on the course was to install a physical display unit inside of each of your carts. Because we all have a reliable cell phone with internet enabled in our pocket AND are now comfortable with scanning a QR-code to gain instant access to web resources, you can finally avoid having to purchase and install units, while offering a familiar experience. Please note: Below are potential comparisons, but as products change, you will have to verify with each vendor specifically what they offer currently. Also, they may offer additional features like GPS tracking that your club may find worth the cost.


How Could We Add $8,400 To Your Bottom-line Immediately?

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    Sell More Food And Beverages During The Round - $50 additional daily is $1,500 monthly

    Golfers can easily know when or if they will see a beverage cart as well as what they have available so that can consider more options without rushing. They can also quietly and easily find the current available items at the restaurant to pre-order and have them waiting without slowing down their pace of play. Even more, we enable anytime ordering by providing a way to get food, drinks or golf supplies delivered right to golfers on the course.

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    Help Golfers Take Action On Your Valuable Offers - $50 spent on offers daily is $1,500 monthly

    Making sure that you maximize your offers that generate revenue and participation beyond simply playing golf is crucial these days. Trying to make sure that every offer is seen can be a daunting task, but maximizing exposure opportunities while on property is key. Golfable provides a number of ways to not only present each of your valuable (including after various holes while keeping score), but also makes it easy to request information

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    Motivate Your Golfers For Return Play More Often - $100 greens fee extra daily is $3,000 monthly

    Provide a premium on-course experience that either prompts golfers to return and spend money on additional greens fees if you are a public course or adds your value to the monthly dues that your members pay if a private club helping to keep them active longer. A premium experience is created by offering tools such as digital scoring and side game tracking, easily ordering food and drinks on the course as well as being able to get assistance and real-time information immediately when needed. All for free and accessed in a few clicks helping every golfer to feel like a true VIP!

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    Reduce (Or Optimize) Your Staffing Resources - $15 per hour full time salary saved is $2,400 monthly

    Instead of having your beverage cart and ranger aimlessly drive around in circles all day, you can empower golfers to help them them do their job better by alerting them real-time to requests on the course enabling them to work more efficiently. Even better, if you want to save on the tremendous staffing costs of these roles or have a difficult time with full coverage, we enable a way to assign other staff to respond on-demand only when needed.

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