6 Problems We Solve For Golfers(and for your golf course)


Golfers Need a Better Scoring Experience To Meet Their Needs

Today's golfers want to track their playing stats beyond just their score per hole, but traditional paper scorecards are no longer sufficient. Keeping track of side games and factoring in handicaps can be challenging without an efficient method of recording and saving the information for later use.

Ordering Food And Drinks Is Confusing So Often They Don't 

Finding the beverage cart on the golf course can be a challenge, leading to rushed decisions and limited options when purchasing drinks and snacks. Ordering food at the turn is also hurried, with limited time to explore all available options and potential delays in service that can impact the pace of play for other groups.

Getting Assistance On The Golf Course Is Frustrating At Best

During our 4-5 hours on the golf course, we lack immediate assistance for issues like a cart battery dying, which can slow down play and inconvenience others. It is time-consuming and unclear who to contact for help in such situations. Slow play is a common occurrence, and relying on a ranger to intervene promptly can prevent long delays and maintain a smooth pace of play. Early intervention is crucial in addressing these issues effectively.

Golfer Can't Find Or Take Actions On Offers You Present

Your course needs to present offers for services such as lessons, products like golf equipment discounts and events like a summer membership. Unless you already have email addresses that are actively checked, you need to reach golfers when they are on the property. It feels so desperate that these offers are often placed near the entrance or even above the urinal in a bathroom. The problem, however, is EVEN if a golfer sees the offer, how do they save information to take action later?


Real-Time Information Can't Be Relayed Efficiently On Course

Course conditions, such as daily pin positions, closed holes, maintenance issues, bathroom access codes, lightning alerts, and other updates, constantly change. It is challenging to provide golfers with an efficient and easy way to access this information. Currently, golfers either have to carry printed information in their golf carts or rely on verbal communication at the time of check-in, hoping they remember all the details.

Golfers Want To Focus Only On Enjoying Their Round Of Golf

Any Task or activity that takes away from the primary focus of getting to the first tee and playing golf is something that any golfer will find frustrating. It would be ideal If you can avoid a beverage cart or ranger from driving the course in circles and distracting a group playing every time they have to drive by them without need. Furthermore, it would be great to eliminate anything they don't have to do or is optional... like signing up for something or downloading an app to their phone. 

Golfabl vs. Built-In Displays

Until now, the best and possibly the only way to connect with your golfers on the course was to install a physical display unit inside of each of your carts. Because we all have a reliable cell phone with internet enabled in our pocket AND are now comfortable with scanning a QR-code to gain instant access to web resources, you can finally avoid having to purchase and install units, while offering a familiar experience. Please note: Below are potential comparisons, but as products change, you will have to verify with each vendor specifically what they offer currently. Also, they may offer additional features like GPS tracking that your club may find worth the cost.


Could You Use An Additional $100,800 To Your Annual Bottom-line Immediately?

Sell More Food And Beverages During The Round

$50 additional daily is $1,500 monthly

    Know when beverage cart is active and current food/drinks 
    Access contact number to place order for pickup or delivery
    See current available food/drinks with pictures and prices

Help Golfers Take Action On Your Valuable Offers

$50 spent on offers daily is $1,500 monthly

    Present offers if you don't have golfers contact info already
    Provide simply fast to get info later when able to consider
    Make it easy to remove offers/events when no longer active

Motivate Your Golfers For Return Play More Often

$100 greens fee extra daily is $3,000 monthly

    Provide ultimate premium experience golfers appreciate
    Create unique course experience golfers will choose again
    Deliver connected environment that many will expect today
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Reduce (Or Optimize) Your Staffing Resources

$15/hour full time salary is $2,400 monthly

    Help your team respond to proactive guest needs quicker
    Fill staffing holes when beverage cart or ranger cant work
    Potentially eliminate beverage cart and/or ranger roles fully

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